Woman Of The Year

For her professional accomplishments, for inspiring women empowerment, girls in pursuing STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), for raising awareness of a sustainable future and social causes, Samantha Cristoforetti has been nominated Woman Of The Year 2015.

Senior Order Of Knighthood

In July 2015, as by Presidential mention: 'for being an example of international cooperation', Cristoforetti has been awarded by Italian President Mattarella, 'Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic', the senior order of Knighthood, the highest ranking honour of the Republic.

Unicef Goodwill Ambassador

In 2015 Cristoforetti has been nominated Unicef-Italy Goodwill Ambassador, for the social and humanitarian activities actively supported while she lived and worked aboard the ISS and since her return home.

First Italian Female Astronaut

In 2009, for the first time in history of space flight Cristoforetti became the first Italian female astronaut. In 2014 she was assigned a long duration mission on board the International Space Station, accomplished with success and honors.

World Record

Up to June 2017 Cristoforetti held the World Record, 200 days, for the longest uninterrupted mission in space by a female astronaut.

European Record

With 200 days in space aboard the ISS, Cristoforetti holds the European Record for the longest, uninterrupted mission in space by any Esa astronaut.

Asteroid SamCristoforetti

An asteroid has been named for Cristoforetti, Asteroid 15006 Samcristoforetti, to honor her remarkable achievements.

First Espresso Coffee In Space

In May 2015 she became the first astronaut to brew and drink espresso coffee in space, ISSpresso, from a high tech machine designed and created in Italy.

Air Force Officer

In 2001 Cristoforetti was among the first women to join the Italian Air Force Academy and among the first women to become an Officer. Cristoforetti holds the rank of Captain in the Italian Air Force.

Air Force Officer
Engineer Astronaut
Asteroid 'Samcristoforetti'
International Education
Lady Of Records